Journal Excerpt

Walsh Hamblin

During my four years at Barnard, I kept a daily journal. Thus far, I have reread the first year of the journal and hope by my comments below to capture some of our first year. As background, I was from a small town in Wisconsin and was quite unprepared for both the intellectual intensity of my Barnard classmates and the immensity of the city. I wasn't sure Barnard was right for me but by the end of the first year, I wrote, "I think I like Barnard after all."

Barnard Related

  • Arrival at Barnard on 9/18/60. Assigned to 8th floor of Hewitt Hall in a tiny garret room meant as a single but with bunk beds and a roommate.
  • Posture exam which included wearing a dickey
  • Speech tests which involved reading an Aesop's fable
  • Placement tests
  • Will Herzberg lecture to freshmen on "Conformity and Authenticity on Campus"
  • Mrs. Macintosh talk and reception
  • Parietal hours 11:00 week nights and midnight on weekends unless special permission granted
  • Two weekend passes a month
  • Salter's Book Store
  • Tak-Home for late night forays for food
  • Four hour Wednesday zoology lab
  • Walks in Riverside Park
  • Snowball fight with Columbia "boys"
  • Dr. Nelson and the obligatory physical exam (urine specimen, hemoglobin and TB testing) with pronouncement, "You are a very healthy girl."
  • Greek Games (250 participants) with at 50/50 tie between freshmen and sophomores
  • Much studying
  • Much babysitting for spending money



  • 30 cents for subway ride
  • $1.95 for NY Ballet ticket
  • $3.80 for ticket for the play "Becket"
  • 80 cents an hour for baby sitting
  • $1.69 for blouse at Klein’s, 99 cents for jerkin, $3.19 for a Greek bag
  • 5 cents for Staten Island ferry