Southern Girl

Dornberger Cogswell

The weather in Manhattan made the biggest impression on me.  I learned to talk fast and walk fast like the rest of Barnard students.  My only regression to a southern accent was when I answered the question:  Where are you from?  My hometown and state came out at a slower rate.

When I went home for Christmas my mother told me: “You can’t go out of the house with gloves on unless you have a hat and purse too." (brown string gloves that matched my coat.)  I’m not sure my mother meant to be complimentary when she said that if I hadn’t gone to Barnard I would have been a different person.  Maybe she meant a more prosperous person because of the poor marketability of a liberal arts education.  Dr. McGuire, my advisor, told me life would be better for someone who majored in English.  I guess she was right.