Getting Through

Brownley Holt

My first crisis came at the end of sophomore year when, feeling totally overwhelmed by my workload, I was thinking of dropping out.  In an interview with Mrs. McIntosh she said she didn’t think that was a wise idea – “Continuity is the key word here.  If you drop out now, you may never return.  Lighten your course load and continue with your studies”.  Words I remember to this day. 

Other Memories:

  • The sheet terror of anticipation of being called on by Prof. Greet in his Chaucer class; memorizing long passages was not my forte; my mind would go totally blank.  I still read Chaucer with pleasure.
  • Prof. Sturtevant who introduced me to the world of Icelandic Sagas and courtly love.

Prof. Hirst (who had taught my mother) in Latin comforted me as I struggled to translate Livy – “Wait till the spring my dear, we will have Horace and the poets and you will be much happier.”