It's called Barnard NOT Columbia

Josefina Almanzar

To tell the truth, I selected Barnard College because Columbia College was all-male.  I figured that at least it was affiliated and I could take some coed classes.  However, as I finished my freshman year, I started to feel the excitement of being in an all-female environment- the friendships and camaraderie, the courses on women's issues to which I had not been exposed.  I also encountered faculty who were excellent (and far above the Columbia faculty). I still liked the idea of coed classes, but I learned to enjoy the small, intimate class environment which Barnard offered.  As the four years went by I grew to admire the staff that helped me be who I am today.  It also has helped me in raising my daughter who is encouraged to always look ahead and try as hard as she can to reach her goals.  She did not go to Barnard but she did choose another college which had small classes and which saw her as a woman trying to excel in a man's field.  Thank you Barnard for imparting on me invaluable years of knowledge.