Fun Memories of a Commuter/transfer student

Daphne Fodor

I was a transfer student (from Skidmore College) and a commuter.  But from the first day in the Annex I knew I was home.  The commuters had great times there - chatting, eating, avoiding studying.  Some of my favorite Barnard memories include: bowling in the basement of Riverside church for Phys Ed (we had to set the pins, no automation in those days); archery on the roof of the library while having to put up with the "humorous" comments of the construction workers who were erecting the science building; living through the Linda LeClair affair (I actually yelled at the press who kept hovering around while we ate our lunch on the lawn) and, of course, the 1968 occupation.  Wonderful times, wonderful professors who bestowed a first-class education that has served me so well during my adult life, and wonderful friends.