Beyond the Magnolia Tree


Barnard was not just a place I received a great education and learned life lessons along the way; I am blessed for all the phenomenal woman I met.  Each professor, classmate, & college staff invested in my mental, collegiate, and physical well being.  Along the way each has comforted me in a time of distress, shared a smile, and inspired me in their respective ways.  I was not only prepared to tackle the world head on academically, I had the poise, the confidence, and well rounded sense that helped me adapt to every opportunity & obstacle I faced after graduation day.  I look back and cherish those memories with classmates underneath the Magnolia tree, those times I hung onto the every word of my professors and guest speakers that shared experiences, knowledge, and encouraged me to excel.  Although, the campus is beautiful, my favorite place was the Barnard bookstore, which I worked for all 4 years.  It was the place to share with prospects and families just how amazing Barnard was and all it had to offer, a place to reach out to younger classes and "show them the ropes" and reassure them it would all be okay. Celina Kelly and Breanna Bartley were those women for me as a frosh. I am ever grateful to be loved by and to learn from these ladies; I emulated them in following years, dragging people into the store for the latest Barnard-chic apparel and to see how life within the iron gates was treating them. Perhaps a bias statement, but true nonetheless, Barnard is the best place in NYC... tucked away in Morningside Heights Barnard is a safe place that fosters individuality, respect for difference, educates according to a high standard, and builds your confidence to be the woman you're meant to be!