An Education for Us All


I was the first in my family to attend a private college. There was some grumbling amongst my extended family - why not choose a state school? Hadn't public universities served our family well? But my parents stood by my choice. And four years later, on the day of my graduation, my father told me, "Barnard has been an education for us all. This was definitely the right choice." And it was. Barnard opened up a world of possibilities for me. I credit the professors and mentors that I had at Barnard - like Richard Pious and Karen Blank - for pushing me to consider that "having it all" meant many things, in many ways for many different women, and that I had to define my own path towards this "all". My pursuit of graduate study and an academic career would not have been possible without the wisdom, humor and sense of purpose that my time at Barnard gave me.