My connection to Barnard runs so deep it's hard to believe I was only in attendance for a year and a half. An English major who minored in NYC, I was transformed not only to Barry Ulanov's "Modern Poetry and the Allied Arts" but also by his knowing introduction to all the city had to offer, was enlightened by Elinor Tilton's prescient comparative literature courses, was auditing as many sessions as possible across the street with Trilling and Van Doren and on and on. I was respected for my opinions and not that of someone cited in a footnote and I thrived because of it. In subsequent years, I was very active (still am) as an alumna, eventually serving as head of the AABC. The many Barnard people I've have known, as well as the classmates who are still my dearest friends continue to enrich my life.  Each time I return to campus, I am renewed by the energy and intellectual stimulation I feel... the future looks bright!