Sustainability & Climate Action

Barnard’s Commitment to Climate Action

In order to equip our graduates to tackle the challenges posed by climate change, to make our institution more resilient, and to become a leader in the field of climate science, we are building thoughtful and powerful responses to climate change across our campus. 

Help us build those solutions by submitting an application for the Student Climate Action Grant, available to support any student project related to sustainability, climate, or human interactions with the environment. 

Climate Action Vision

Barnard’s Climate Action Vision was developed in collaboration with a range of students, faculty, and staff and provides goals for our academics, our finance and governance, and our campus culture and operations. Our 360 degree approach prioritizes the role of women and marginalized communities in defining new paradigms of climate leadership.

It’s all connected

Individual wellness, a diverse and inclusive community, and a healthy environment are all part of building a sustainable future. Join us as we connect the dots between our students, our communities, and our planet.

Explore climate action at Barnard through our three main areas of focus: 


Barnard’s coursework and research engage with sustainability from all angles, from climate science and renewable technologies to environmental justice and social and cultural interpretations of the environment. 

Finance & Governance

Barnard’s goal is to integrate sustainability as a priority across all levels of the institution, from the reorientation of our endowment away from fossil fuels to student involvement in creating campus sustainability policies. 

Campus Culture & Operations

This commitment includes both operational changes, in our energy usage and our waste production, as well as social and cultural changes.